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Chapter 5

September 18, 2011

Life went on as usual for the Skies family.

Nobel found his passion in potion making.

Or maybe he’s too young to be playing with chemicals… ❗

Ash and Sugar are still very much in love.

And everyone just loves the baby of the family, Mercury.

Oh, and Sugar is expecting again.

Ash was so excited to hear the news, that he told Sugar to treat herself to a day on the beach, worry free. He would watch Mercury so that she could relax with the growing baby in her belly.

Sugar headed down to the Pep and danced until her feet were throbbing.

Then she took a virtual tour into the deep, dark, abyss.

She finally ended her day by napping on the shore, listening to the gentle ebb and flow of the ocean.

Back at home, things were not so relaxing. Ash’s hand turned into a big, scary, claw!!

Mercury cuddled his doll, Peaches, for comfort.

Ash worried that he was growing too attached to the doll, so he took it away. That was a big mistake– Mercury wailed until he got his beloved toy back.

Sugar’s breakfast of choice in all her pregnant glory is ice cream.

Even though there are freshly baked pancakes sitting on the counter, going cold.

Ash got a haircut for his birthday. He looks much more dignified now.

Sugar’s water broke just as she was climbing into bed.

Ash totally kept his cool. *cough*  

After several hours, proud mother emerged from the hospital carrying another baby boy, Flint.

The next morning, Sugar and Mercury bonded over cartoons while Flint slept soundly in his crib.

Perhaps a bit too soundly. At the news of his birth, another strange doll had been left on the porch, this time the message only read, For Flint. Sugar was growing wary of these dolls, but Ash assured her it was just a toy that could do no harm to their newborn son.

Sugar had her first interview the following Monday. She took one last look at herself in the mirror and kissed her two youngest boys before leaving to start her career.

Before long, Flint was already celebrating his first birthday.

He takes after his father for the most part, but he has his mother’s eyes.

Mercury also celebrated his birthday.

He’s growing into quite a handsome young man.

Sugar scooped her last remaining baby into her arms and felt her heart sink. It wouldn’t be long before this one was also leaving her to discover what adventures lie ahead of him in the broad world beyond. While she was thrilled to finally be working in her dream job, she also missed taking care of babies.

That night, Sugar confided to Ash that she wanted another child. She knew he would be thrilled since he wanted a big family, so they agreed to start trying for another baby.

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