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Chapter 6

September 18, 2011

Nobel had a birthday recently.

He looks so handsome!

Nobel and Mercury often play chess together. They are both such smart little berries!

Sugar and Ashen had themselves a bit of “adult time” while the kids were nestled safely in their beds.

Ash has been feeling quite a bit of frustrations lately and he lets it all out when he plays his guitar.

Mercury nearly killed himself trying to mix two of the wrong chemicals together. Someone should put a sign on that bench so that the kids will stay away from it!

Nobel takes after his daddy. He loves fire. He finds the gentle, warm, blaze comforting.

Ash found Mercury’s old doll laying on the floor in his room one day while he was cleaning up. Perplexed, he picked it up. He hadn’t seen the doll for a while and had assumed Mercury had grown out of it.

Ash decided to throw the doll out along with a bunch of other broken, rejected old toys.

After tidying up the house, Ash lit another controlled fire. The brightness of it rekindled his pyromaniac side.

Nobel was doing so well in school that he even was tutoring a nice young lady named Ora.

Ash decided to take Flint out to Skittles Park one day while he played guitar in the fresh, spring air.

Sugar had been feeling a bit testy a lot as of late, and poor, clueless, Ash happened to be the only one in her way to yell at.

After a trip to the drugstore and a quick pee later, Sugar discovered the reason her mood swings were out of control lately. She was thrilled and couldn’t wait to tell Ash that she was pregnant again!

That night, after dinner while the two were snuggling on the couch, Sugar revealed her big surprise.


“Ashey, I’m terribly for my behavior the past couple of days.”

“It’s understandable, Sug, it’s not your fault.”

Sugar smiled, “You are so sweet, but I have been out of line, but there is a reason. I’m pregnant!!”

“That’s wonderful news!! Oh, Sugar!”


During her maternity leave, Flint was practically inseparable from Sugar. Everywhere she went, he was there with outstretched arms, ready to be picked up.

Nobel let his hair grow out. He wanted a more natural look.

Ash was spooked to find the doll that he had thrown away was sitting on the front lawn. How did it get there?

Ash put the doll out of his mind and went on with the rest of his chores for that day. He ordered pizza for dinner and was worried to find that Mercury was not among the hungry faces of boys waiting for their slice of pizza.

He went to check the boys’ room and was deeply disturbed by what he saw.

“I love you, Peaches!”

Who was Peaches? Oh, the dear boy wasn’t getting enough attention from his father, so he had to invent someone to give him affections. Ash felt incredibly guilty.

“Erm, Merc, my boy, you know I love you, right?” He pulled his son into a bear hug.

Mercury giggled. “Of course daddy. Why?”

“Ehem. I just wanted you to know. Now, you’d better get into the kitchen before your pizza gets cold.”

Little Flint was such a fussy baby. He cried no matter what anyone did. There was no pleasing the tyke.

Nobel is starting to master his chemistry set. He takes pride in all of his potions as if they are his children.

Sugar has been playing her guitar a lot with her time off. She has been having violent mood swings throughout her pregnancy, so the songs she plays have a wide genre.

Sugar went into labor late one night. Ash once again lost his head.

The fourth baby came relatively quickly and Sugar stepped into the cool, night air with her new baby girl swaddled tightly in her blanket. Welcome to Sugar Valley, Celeste Delta.

Ash was instantly smitten with his new daughter. He held her in his arms for several moments after they brought her home, just staring into her beautiful eyes.

Flint had a birthday coming up, so they decided on another private party.

Another handsome berry boy in the Skies family.

Celeste has Ash wrapped around her tiny finger. Any time she cries, he jumps straight up to take care of her, no matter what he is doing.

Flint has a very active imagination.

However, he’s got one nasty attitude that needs a serious adjustment.

Baby Celeste had her first birthday!

What a cutie!!

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  1. September 20, 2011 7:44 am

    Celeste is really adorable. Actually all their children are good looking.

  2. FlyingAce permalink
    September 20, 2011 3:07 pm

    All caught up now 🙂 I’m loving your story! All the kids are so cute 😀 I’ll be checking back for more, that’s for sure!

    • September 20, 2011 5:44 pm

      I’m glad you like it! I hope it’s not too difficult to navigate and find each chapter. And also, I thrive on feedback, so feel free to comment as much as you like!

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