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To whom it may concern,

February 8, 2012

Trying to be formal here despite my anger. I think I’m going to have to cancel my rainbowcy, or at the very least put it on hold. I know it was already on hold, but this time I think I may be losing it for good. I really don’t want to have to do this, but I’m afraid I have no choice. Image shack is being an ass-hat, so I have to delete a ton of photos or else half of my Fifty Foal challenge will disappear forever and I put too much work into it to let that happen. Again, I’m very sorry, but unfortunately, I have toΒ  make a choice and I choose to save my horse story. Perhaps later I’ll decide to try and fix this story later, however, for now I really just want to make sure my progress isn’t totally screwed up on my main story.

Once again, I’m very sorry, but to be honest, I don’t know how many readers I still had for this story, I mean, I’d rather this happen early on in this legacy rather than midway through when everyone is attached to all the characters. From the bottom of my heart, I hope no one hates me. Perhaps I’ll see you all later. Now I don’t know what to do with this blog anymore. :/ Oh well.

My deepest apologies,



Chapter 6

September 18, 2011

Nobel had a birthday recently.

He looks so handsome!

Nobel and Mercury often play chess together. They are both such smart little berries!

Sugar and Ashen had themselves a bit of “adult time” while the kids were nestled safely in their beds.

Ash has been feeling quite a bit of frustrations lately and he lets it all out when he plays his guitar.

Mercury nearly killed himself trying to mix two of the wrong chemicals together. Someone should put a sign on that bench so that the kids will stay away from it!

Nobel takes after his daddy. He loves fire. He finds the gentle, warm, blaze comforting.

Ash found Mercury’s old doll laying on the floor in his room one day while he was cleaning up. Perplexed, he picked it up. He hadn’t seen the doll for a while and had assumed Mercury had grown out of it.

Ash decided to throw the doll out along with a bunch of other broken, rejected old toys.

After tidying up the house, Ash lit another controlled fire. The brightness of it rekindled his pyromaniac side.

Nobel was doing so well in school that he even was tutoring a nice young lady named Ora.

Ash decided to take Flint out to Skittles Park one day while he played guitar in the fresh, spring air.

Sugar had been feeling a bit testy a lot as of late, and poor, clueless, Ash happened to be the only one in her way to yell at.

After a trip to the drugstore and a quick pee later, Sugar discovered the reason her mood swings were out of control lately. She was thrilled and couldn’t wait to tell Ash that she was pregnant again!

That night, after dinner while the two were snuggling on the couch, Sugar revealed her big surprise.


“Ashey, I’m terribly for my behavior the past couple of days.”

“It’s understandable, Sug, it’s not your fault.”

Sugar smiled, “You are so sweet, but I have been out of line, but there is a reason. I’m pregnant!!”

“That’s wonderful news!! Oh, Sugar!”


During her maternity leave, Flint was practically inseparable from Sugar. Everywhere she went, he was there with outstretched arms, ready to be picked up.

Nobel let his hair grow out. He wanted a more natural look.

Ash was spooked to find the doll that he had thrown away was sitting on the front lawn. How did it get there?

Ash put the doll out of his mind and went on with the rest of his chores for that day. He ordered pizza for dinner and was worried to find that Mercury was not among the hungry faces of boys waiting for their slice of pizza.

He went to check the boys’ room and was deeply disturbed by what he saw.

“I love you, Peaches!”

Who was Peaches? Oh, the dear boy wasn’t getting enough attention from his father, so he had to invent someone to give him affections. Ash felt incredibly guilty.

“Erm, Merc, my boy, you know I love you, right?” He pulled his son into a bear hug.

Mercury giggled. “Of course daddy. Why?”

“Ehem. I just wanted you to know. Now, you’d better get into the kitchen before your pizza gets cold.”

Little Flint was such a fussy baby. He cried no matter what anyone did. There was no pleasing the tyke.

Nobel is starting to master his chemistry set. He takes pride in all of his potions as if they are his children.

Sugar has been playing her guitar a lot with her time off. She has been having violent mood swings throughout her pregnancy, so the songs she plays have a wide genre.

Sugar went into labor late one night. Ash once again lost his head.

The fourth baby came relatively quickly and Sugar stepped into the cool, night air with her new baby girl swaddled tightly in her blanket. Welcome to Sugar Valley, Celeste Delta.

Ash was instantly smitten with his new daughter. He held her in his arms for several moments after they brought her home, just staring into her beautiful eyes.

Flint had a birthday coming up, so they decided on another private party.

Another handsome berry boy in the Skies family.

Celeste has Ash wrapped around her tiny finger. Any time she cries, he jumps straight up to take care of her, no matter what he is doing.

Flint has a very active imagination.

However, he’s got one nasty attitude that needs a serious adjustment.

Baby Celeste had her first birthday!

What a cutie!!

Chapter 5

September 18, 2011

Life went on as usual for the Skies family.

Nobel found his passion in potion making.

Or maybe he’s too young to be playing with chemicals… ❗

Ash and Sugar are still very much in love.

And everyone just loves the baby of the family, Mercury.

Oh, and Sugar is expecting again.

Ash was so excited to hear the news, that he told Sugar to treat herself to a day on the beach, worry free. He would watch Mercury so that she could relax with the growing baby in her belly.

Sugar headed down to the Pep and danced until her feet were throbbing.

Then she took a virtual tour into the deep, dark, abyss.

She finally ended her day by napping on the shore, listening to the gentle ebb and flow of the ocean.

Back at home, things were not so relaxing. Ash’s hand turned into a big, scary, claw!!

Mercury cuddled his doll, Peaches, for comfort.

Ash worried that he was growing too attached to the doll, so he took it away. That was a big mistake– Mercury wailed until he got his beloved toy back.

Sugar’s breakfast of choice in all her pregnant glory is ice cream.

Even though there are freshly baked pancakes sitting on the counter, going cold.

Ash got a haircut for his birthday. He looks much more dignified now.

Sugar’s water broke just as she was climbing into bed.

Ash totally kept his cool. *cough* Β 

After several hours, proud mother emerged from the hospital carrying another baby boy, Flint.

The next morning, Sugar and Mercury bonded over cartoons while Flint slept soundly in his crib.

Perhaps a bit too soundly. At the news of his birth, another strange doll had been left on the porch, this time the message only read, For Flint. Sugar was growing wary of these dolls, but Ash assured her it was just a toy that could do no harm to their newborn son.

Sugar had her first interview the following Monday. She took one last look at herself in the mirror and kissed her two youngest boys before leaving to start her career.

Before long, Flint was already celebrating his first birthday.

He takes after his father for the most part, but he has his mother’s eyes.

Mercury also celebrated his birthday.

He’s growing into quite a handsome young man.

Sugar scooped her last remaining baby into her arms and felt her heart sink. It wouldn’t be long before this one was also leaving her to discover what adventures lie ahead of him in the broad world beyond. While she was thrilled to finally be working in her dream job, she also missed taking care of babies.

That night, Sugar confided to Ash that she wanted another child. She knew he would be thrilled since he wanted a big family, so they agreed to start trying for another baby.

Chapter 4

August 9, 2011

Nobel was growing into such a sweet baby boy. Ash would rush home after work every night to read to his son before bed. Nobel would sit up in his crib just waiting for his daddy to get home. Sugar would look deep into his dark eyes that were just like his daddy’s and beg him to go to sleep, but he insisted on staying up. “Duddy wead meh stowwy-boo!” And she just couldn’t resist that little face.

Nobel also found a passion of his. He really enjoyed his music. He was quite the bright little boy. He picked up on talking, walking, and potty training very quickly.

Sugar wasn’t feeling well again, she found herself running to the bathroom every few minutes. She had an idea why she felt so under the weather, but she wanted to save her enthusiasm for Ash, she knew that he wanted a big family so she would wait until he got home to tell him the big news over a fancy dinner.

A few weeks had passed and Sugar was just starting to show. She rubbed her bump with a grin on her face that wouldn’t go away for anything. Although she did miss her husband. His job had him working late hours and she feared she wasn’t getting to spend enough time with him. The days were only longer when she couldn’t see the love of her life.

She decided to take Nobel for a brisk stroll around the block to ease her anxiety. She needed some fresh air to calm her nerves.

Nobel was such a happy baby. He never wailed if he didn’t get his way. As long as he had plenty of toys, a full tummy, and a clean diaper he was perfectly content on his own.

As her due date approached, Sugar grew more and more anxious about the birth. She wanted another baby more than anything, but she also deeply wanted to get out of the house. She couldn’t bring herself to leave her children alone with a babysitter, but she wanted her own career to help her life have meaning other than just mother.

Sugar wanted Ash to know how much she still loved him and appreciated what he did for their little family, so she bought him a new guitar since his old one was becoming a bit worn. He loved the gift, but felt bad that he couldn’t get her anything in return as she told him she didn’t want anything. So he started to think up a plan.

Sugar went into labor one morning after breakfast. She was cleaning up the dishes when she felt a sharp pain in her abdomen. She called Ash over and he calmly drove her to the hospital after calling a babysitter for Nobel.

They emerged from the hospital several hours later with another baby boy tightly swaddled in his blanket, cradled closely by his mother. Mercury Skies brought their tiny family to four.

Whenever they arrived home they found a strange doll on the doorstep. Pinned to it was a note which read: Heard about your new arrival, wanted to get you something special. –A friend. The unsuspecting parents figured one of their neighbors had dropped off the doll, but saw no reason to throw it out. It was a nice gift, so they put it in Mercury’s crib while he slept. He seemed to take a liking to the doll. He would stare up at it’s glowing orb atop it’s head for hours before finally falling asleep, as if entranced by it. Something was definitely amiss…

Nobel waddled over to his mummy wanting attention and Sugar, not one to say no to such a face, happily obliged, pushing the creepy doll out of her mind for the time being.

Ash spent some quality bonding time with his first born whenever he had a day off. He taught the little boy all he knew about Monday Night Football.

“Now, Nobel, who is the best quarterback in the league?”

“Dat’s TimTam Teabow, Duddy!”

“That’s correct, son!”

One morning, not long after Mercury was born the family was watching Saturday morning cartoons together when Ash finally told Sugar how he would repay her for his guitar.

“Honey, I told you that I don’t want anything.”

“Now, now, hear me out, Sug. I know I’m not around much during the day and I absolutely hate that. I want to be there for the boys when they are growing up. Sug, I gave my boss my two weeks notice yesterday.”

“You what?! But Ash, you love your music!! And your job is everything to you!”

“No, Sugar, YOU are everything to me. I don’t need that old job to enjoy my music. You want to start a career, but you’re unhappy because you don’t want to leave the kids to be raised by a babysitter– so I will stay home with the boys and you will go and fulfill your dreams.”

“Oh, Ash. That is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. I love you! Thank you!”

The next few weeks flew by, Sugar wanted to wait until the boy’s birthdays to jump into the job market. They had a private party once again, as neither of them really wanted to deal with a mob of people.

Nobel grew quite handsome. He only wanted a chess set for his birthday, which he of course got.

Mercury’s birthday was not long after. Ash snuggled the boy one last time, then handed him off to his mother to take to the cake.

Another very handsome little boy in the Skies family.

Much to his parent’s awe, he immediately grabbed his doll and started singing to her. He couldn’t talk yet, but he pressed his ear up to the glowing orb on the doll’s head and softly sang. They could only make out one word that wasn’t gibberish though: Peaches.

Ash and Nobel spend their mornings playing chess together, bonding over their mutual love of logic and sports.

Sugar tries her best to make Mercury a normal baby. “Say, mommy! Maw-mee.”


The frantic mother thought her son was hungry, so she found some mashed peaches in the cupboard and gave them to the tyke, though to her surprise, he still didn’t stop thinking about his doll. “Pee-chess hungy!”Β 

When she put Mercury to bed that night, she lay awake while he sat in his crib and talked in his little baby language to the glowing orb on his doll’s head. Something is not right here…

Chapter 3

July 19, 2011

Poor Sugar wasn’t feeling so hot one morning. She assumed it was the flu, so Ash jumped right up at the chance to take care of his lady.

She was mainly fatigued and only slightly nauseated. Sugar could not remember ever being sick her whole life, at least not this bad anyway, so she made an appointment with the doctor to figure out what was going on.

A few days later, Dr. Pepper confirmed that Sugar was pregnant. She was so excited when she got home to tell Ash the good news. Sugar rubbed her growing belly in anticipation.

Ash was ecstatic when he heard the news. Nothing could wipe the smile off of his face that night.

“Ash, I really don’t think you can hear anything yet, darling.” Sugar couldn’t help but giggle at how silly her husband was being.

“Hi baby! I’m your daddy! I’m looking forward to meeting you! Yes I am!!”

A couple days later Ash stopped by the bookstore on the way home from work to pick up some pregnancy literature. They had a lovely evening together learning about ‘What to expect when you’re expecting.’

Sugar and Ash decided it would be best to make some renovations to the house to make it look more warm and inviting for their growing family. Not many changes, just a few windows and some baby furniture. πŸ™‚

Neither of them really knew too much about cooking, so many of their meals were eaten cold out of the fridge.

As Sugar’s belly grew, Ash took every opportunity he could to feel the child inside of her.

These two love playing games together.

Pregnancy was taking its toll on Sugar. She was constantly tired, often taking several naps in the middle of the day while Ash was working.

Poor Sugar went into labor while Ash was at work. Too afraid to go to the hospital alone, she decided to have a home birth.

Sugar Skies welcomed a tiny baby boy into the world, she named him Nobel.

Ash found the precious baby in his crib when he got home and immediately scooped him up in his arms.

“Nobel, my baby boy, I promise to protect you from harm forever.”

Ash woke up the next morning and started a beautiful fire to dedicate to his son.

Sugar bought herself a guitar so that her and Ash could jam out together. πŸ™‚

Ash and Sugar were talking one morning and they both decided that they wanted another baby, so they arranged to try for another after they put Nobel down for his nap.

The Skies received a hot tub as a wedding present from Sugar’s parents, so they decided to take it for a test run. ;D

The days flew by and soon the small family was celebrating Nobel’s first birthday.

What a cutie! ❀

He’s going to break a lot of hearts one day.

Chapter 2

July 17, 2011

Ash was getting so wrapped up in his career. He just loves that guitar of his and his love for Sugar was obviously his muse.

Of course, he still makes time for his first love of fire. πŸ˜‰

He went on another date with Sugar to the Cherry Soda Drive In. They had a lovely time, though their time was quickly cut short by more nosy paparazzi.

When Sugar left he started a fire and had himself a marshmallow or two before running home himself to get away from the immensely growing crowd.

When he got home he celebrated with a wall of fire…

…And wrote a song to dedicate to his Sweetie Pie.

The next day he headed over to Skittles Park again to play some tunes for the public. He was no longer afraid of what they thought of him, for now he was in the tight grip of true love.

The next night Ash invited Sugar to the Bistro for a romantic evening and something a little more…

Ash was very nervous. He took a deep breath and prepared for what he was about to do.

Ash slowly got down on one knee and pulled out a tiny black box.

“Sugar Snaps, I love you with all my heart and never want to be without you for a moment longer. Will you marry me?”

“Oh, Ash, nothing would make me happier than to be your wife! Yes I will marry you!”

They spent several moments staring up at the sky before they got a better idea of how to celebrate their engagement…

*Whisper whisper giggle*

They decided to *cough* tour the theater *cough*

Finally, the pair kissed and parted ways for the night.

A couple days later, Ash had the day off from work, so he called up Sugar and asked if she wouldn’t mind a quick, private, marriage before the paparazzi got word of their engagement. Sugar, having no family in town and hardly any friends saw no reason to decline his offering.


The two exchanged vows and rings behind their newly shared home in front of a beautiful ocean view.

“When I came to Sugar Valley I expected to get married, but I never expected to fall as deeply in love as I am right now. I love you, Ashen Skies, and I pledge my life and heart to you.”

“Sugar, you are the light of my life. Before I met you my days seemed dark and lonely, but now I feel whole. I give my heart and soul to you, Sugar.”


Being newlyweds sparked some friskiness in the pair, so they decided to move their private party to the bedroom. πŸ˜‰


Her kisses were sweeter than cotton candy and I knew that when we spent the night together it was bound to be sweeter than anything I had ever experienced. I pulled her close to me and firmly pressed my lips to hers.

We continued kissing more and more as we slipped under the covers. Each kiss became more and more passionate as we merged into one being… It felt as if we were on fire as beautiful red rose petals floated onto the bed.


Oh, Berry, that was sweet!

D’oh! Excuse that heart on Sugar’s shoulder. Ash had a wish to go on a date with Sugar, so yeah. I thought it would end when they were married though. -.-


July 12, 2011

This is a brand new blog for a brand new story of mine– A rainbowcy!! I hope you all enjoy this story as much as I have been enjoying coming up with the ideas for it!

The colors to be used in this rainbow legacy are as follows (subject to change):




Light Blue

Navy Blue






That’s all for now, check back later! πŸ™‚